Time has become one of the more precious commodities in modern world. We want to use this time conveniently and comfortably, and if possible, in the relaxed surroundings of our homes.

To this effect we have invented a lot of devices, tools, methods and facilities. People have decided that they may save time by doing some things at home. For instance, they might carry out testing at home. Not definitive testing, just screening but it alerts us to many potentially unpleasant developments.

We have monitoring devices that check our glucose and cholesterol level, allergy disposition, hepatitis presence, ovulation potential and confirm pregnancy symptoms - all at home. It's not a new phenomenon: people started diagnosing themselves and finding remedies long before medical professions came into being.

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Digital Basal Thermometer LifeAid $8.50 $6.95 Details Add to Cart
Samsung Blood Pressure Monitor 3000s $75.00 $54.95 Details Add to Cart
Dual Head Stethoscope $9.95 Details Add to Cart
Nurse Stethoscope Single Head $6.95 Details Add to Cart

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